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Sacked from Gate Gourmet – trade union members demonstrating at ‘Beacon Hill’. Daily demonstrations take place outside Terminal 4 Cargo at Heathrow Airport between 7am and 7pm.

This website is to communicate news about the dispute, views from the sacked workers and how the wider trade union and labour movement can actively support their campaign for justice, dignity and respect. Please make sure you circulate the details of this website to all your workmates, friends and family.

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Support the BA Baggage Handlers!

Victimised for taking ‘secondary action’. In a magnificent show of solidarity, BA baggage handlers walked out in support of their fellow trade unionists. Their show of solidarity catapulted the dispute onto the world stage, and there has been sympathy action in the USA, Canada and Australia. However, the action is considered ‘unlawful’ under Britain’s anti-trade union laws (a direct legacy of Thatcher’s systematic attack on workers rights in the 1980s). BA has now sought to take disciplinary action against ‘ringleaders’ of the walkout; the senior shop stewards and negotiators for BA’s baggage handlers.

1pm, Sunday 2 October Beacon Hill

Bring union banners and donations for the hardship fund. An injury to one is an injury to all.

September 7 2017 – RMT General Secretary Bob Crow and members from the RMT visit Gate Gourmet workers on the mound outside Terminal four.